I Solemnly Swear That I Suck

blabbity, blabbity sorry for not blogging, whackity, smackity. oh who the hell cares.

i recently took a new job that has sucked me into a vortex of awesome. however, with such awesomeness, comes monitored internet. (they’re watching me right now. as i type.) i have my very own office with a lovely view of a wooded grove. and by grove i mean there is a parking lot in the middle of it. i also received a substantial pay increase as well as insurance benefits that make me want to ask my physician for every test known to modern science. retinal screening using hot needles?! sure, why not, it’s covered! cholesterol test using ground up lemurs?! bring on the lemurs*!

Hannie has blossomed into a no-hold-barred 2 and a half year old. everything she wants she needs. and not just needs but “NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS!”. “i neeeeed to watch Lion King for the 400th time”. “i neeeeeed to have every single book that i own in my two tiny hands”. “i neeeeeed to eat my 12th helping of oranges right now or you will pay the price in screaming”.

after a jarring experience of falling out of her crib we transitioned her to a big girl bed. her crib is a combination crib/big ass bed. had i actually read the damn instructions i would have realized that we could have just taken the front of the crib off, lowered the mattress and made it into a toddler bed. but no, we went from teeny tiny baby sleepy place to full mattress-hey mom could you like totally get out of my room so me and Bubba can make out-bed. it’s a big bed.

Big Girl Bed

since the photo was taken we have added black-out curtains that match the pillowcases and have taken down the ill fated black-out window vinyls. those were about as useful as a bag of wet mice**. due to our vigilant effort to make moving to a big girl bed the most awesomest thing on the planet, she transitioned perfectly. and i love that i can now crawl in bed with her at night and snuggle and sing songs.

Kisses Before Bedtime
Kisses Before Bedtime
we also spent a couple of weekends at the lake with good friends. at first Hannie was leery of the water, but soon took to it like a fish, stating quite adamantly “i do it!”.

Swimming with Daddy

Crazy Hair, Beautiful Face
Crazy Hair, Beautiful Face

i have tons more to post about and plenty of pictures to keep you photo-vultures happy. right now i’m tired from being a negligent blogger.

*no lemurs were offended or injured during the writing of this obsurd post.
**also, no mice were made wet. i’m not sure why you’d put wet mice in a bag anyway.

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2 Responses to I Solemnly Swear That I Suck

  1. Nana says:

    no matter how many times I see this, or these pictures ,I love you, Hannie, and Kevin

    • Nana says:

      Please wake up! and tell us the history of our grandchild, ooooh you of the words, the prose, the literal gushing, that you do so well, and we all enjoy.

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